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(ES) Pieles de Mallorca encarga a Costagin hacer el nuevo concepto Flagship aplicándola en su nueva tienda en el MFO.

(ES) Costagin ejecuta la obra para la nueva oficina de la inmobiliaria balearhouse, en Paseo Mallorca.

Polarier will count with the team Costagin for the design and execution of its new offices in Palma.

Abaccino will open its store in the center of Palma de Mallorca in June, Costagin will be carrying out the works.

You can soon visit the new Hard Rock store next to the Plaza Mayor, thanks to the work of Costagin´s team.

You can soon welcome the new opening of the Braccialini brand in Jovellanos street, assisted by Costagin.

Soon – > Next opening of Café du cycliste, premium cycling clothing brand, carried out by the Costagin team.

Patrizia Pepe relies, once again, on Costagin for its next store opening in Puerto Banús, Marbella.

Costagin carries out assembly works for the German brand Gerry Weber in El Corte Inglés, Castellón.

Claudie Pierlot will open its doors in Palma de Mallorca — an operation intervened by Costagin.

We are waiting for you on February 13 and 14 at the Hosteltur Suppliers 2018 event in Madrid.

Do you know Snipes? Just started the works in Calle San Miguel, in order to bring you this urban fashion brand.

Easy Beauty opens its 500m2 Flagship store in Gran de Gracia, designed and executed by Costagin.

Costagin succeeds bringing the chain Fund Grube to Mallorca, opening their new store in seafront.

Costagin will start next month with the works of the new concept made for the Mascara store, in Monaco.

Pretty Ballerinas will soon open its new store in Miami – Florida, designed and supervised by the team of Costagin.

We are currently in charge of carrying out the opening of the new stores of the Easy Beauty brand in Barcelona.

Costagin will start with the works of S A N D R O Paris, on the corner of Paseo del Borne and Jaime III.

Xavier Matamoros entrusts Costagin for assisting the growth of his business in Palma de Mallorca.

Excited to announce the new project we have been preparing in Berlin: El Colmado will soon open its doors.

Next opening of JV by Jorge Vázquez in Palma de Mallorca, carried out by the Costagin team.

The Italian brand Patrizia Pepe hires Costagin for their next store opening in Palma de Mallorca.

Thanks to the team of Costagin, the Portuguese brand – Parfoise opens its new store in Mallorca.

We are collaborating with Rapha cc to open their new store in a privileged location in Palma de Mallorca.

The new bar – café in Santa Catalina called Santina decided to work with Costagin for its opening.

Costagin will carry out the works for the new Nordic restaurant – WILSONs in Palma de Mallorca.

Managed by Costagin´s Expansion Team, Soloptical opens its new store in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, in Jaime III.

Our team is currently organizing everything to make it possible for Pretty Ballerinas to open its new store in Bicester, Uk in March.

The team of Costagin made the design for the shelf tester of the new fragrance of Pretty Ballerinas: Pretty Ballerinas Eau de Perfume.

The brand Simplifyt entrusted Costagin with their new design, architecture and the works of its new store in Palma de Mallorca.

Thanks to Costagin Adore Cosmetics Organic Innovation opened new store in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, in Jaime III.

Pretty Ballerinas opens its new shop in in October in Kildare, Ireland, work designed and carried out by the team of Costagin.

Costagin gets to bring to Mallorca the high quality Italian brand Mason´s and undertakes the execution of works of its first store.

Costagin will be the company responsible for the design of the new store-concept of the first shop of Rockbeach, a brand born in Mallorca.

Costagin will be the company in charge of assembling the new flagship store in the new shopping center of Mallorca: FAN

The Costagin team executes the opening of the new flagship store of the Italian luxury brand MC2 Saint Bart in Palma de Mallorca.

Costagin carries out the remodelling of the new office of the bank La Caixa, located on the Paseo Born in Palma de Mallorca.

Thanks to the work of the Costagin Team, Primichi opens new luxury multi-brand store in the center of Palma de Mallorca, on San Miguel Street.

The German brand Hugo Boss orders to Costagin engineering, architecture and construction for its new opening in the center of Palma de Mallorca.

Costagin team reforms the french kids-label Okaïdi´s store located in Palma de Mallorca in PortoPi mall, with nearly 150sqm.

The Costagin team brings to Mallorca the biggest shoe retailer in Europe, Deichmann , executing the works of its first branch.

Viandas de Salamanca, a company specialized in sausages and hams finally arrives to Majorca with the help of Costagin team.

American brand Tommy Hilfiger gets to the famous avenue Jaime III of Palma de Mallorca thanks to the work of the Costagin team.

Diamond Factory, a company dedicated to the marketing of diamonds opens its new boutique in the center of Palma.

Cosign design the new flagship store Pretty Ballerinas in a center of Barcelona, Paseo de Grácia.

Sandro Paris opens new store advised and executed by the Costagin team, in El Corte Ingles Jaime III , Palma de Mallorca.

French label Maje settling in to the Golden Mile of Palma, managed by Costagin´s Expansion Team, in a 100 sq establishment.

American Vintage,the french brand founded by Michaël Azoulay, opens its new store on Calle San Nicolas, Palma, due to the work of the Costagin team

Philipp Plein, the brand of the prestigious german designer entrusts Costagin with the opening of its new store directly on the Paseo del Borne street.

The French firm, specialized in swimwear and ready-to-wear clothing will now open its new store on Calle San Nicolas thanks to team Costagin.

Costagin is doing the reformation of the Catalan jewelry label Tous´s flagship store at number 6 of Paseo del Borne, in the Golden Mile of Palma.

The brand Tea Shop opens its new store under number 3 Calle San Nicolas in Palma. The interior works of the new premises have been carried out by Costagin.


Costagin provides professional services as a Design Consultancy for retail operators worldwide, offering: Expansion, business design, marketing, merchandising, shop fitting services (from the layout until assemble) and architectural / engineering services for any type of commercial or representation.

Costagin develops customized design concepts defining what the consumer demands are and devises the best strategy to ensure brand success.
The group of seasoned professionals is very aware of clients’ priorities. They are specialized in creating innovative spaces that allow the client to optimize profitability in order to maintain a competitive position while projecting the most appropriate image for the brand.